Checklist for Economics Essays

  • Did you fully understand the requirements of the essay question?

  • Did you write any irrelevant points/ideas in your essay?

  • Did you meet the thinking requirements of the essay?

  • Did you explain the points clearly?

  • Are the points you raised in your essay generic or contextual?

  • Did you provide adequate examples to illustrate your point?

  • Did you make use of relevant diagrams to explain your points?

  • For essay questions which are based on the Singapore economy, did you provide adequate knowledge of the Singapore context?

  • Did you apply relevant economic concepts and theories in answering the essay question?

  • Did you analyze the issue on hand from a variety of perspectives?
      (e.g. consumer versus producer, short-term versus long-term, internal versus external)

  • Did you consider both sides of the argument?

  • Did you write an appropriate introduction?

  • Are your paragraphs well-structured and adequately developed?

  • Did you write a well-reasoned conclusion?


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